“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted”

Angeline was determined to not let cancer overtake her. She proved that she was more powerful than cancer. Despite her undying resilience, there was a shadow of loneliness visible in her because her world was confined within the four walls of her house and she didn’t have friends. The Golden Butterflies team decided to change her little world. We have seen the wonders that arts have brought to the lives of children. Her joy knew no bounds when she received the magic kit from us.

She and her brother were thrilled to make different art from the kit and as they were exploring their creativity, we saw the shadow of loneliness and darkness fade away. The warmth and care she felt from the team made her brim with positivity. During one of our counselling sessions, she revealed that she wishes to have a mobile phone. The Golden Butterflies team was quick to fulfill her wish because we believed in the impact that it will make. It compensated for the classes she was missing, it gave her an opportunity to reconnect with her friends at school and this changed her world altogether.

In a few days, Angeline passed away but the palliative care provided ensured she lived her life to the fullest and with no regrets and unfilled dreams. Currently, bereavement support is being provided to the family – counselling, art activity for the siblings and financial support as and when required. The words of Angeline’s mother stands as a testimony to the power of palliative care.

I couldn’t imagine this dreadful journey of cancer without your presence and financial support. My own family, including my husband, abandoned us because of my daughter’s diagnosis but your team filled that gap and you not only gave Angeline the support needed but to me and my son also to lean on.”

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