We are looking forward to #HatsOn4CPC this year on Friday 11th October 2024

Last year, we marked a special anniversary of the Hats On for Children’s Palliative Care Campaign when we celebrated ten years of consistent #HatsOn4CPC campaigns and raising awareness about the plight of over 21 million children and young people who need palliative care services annually across the globe. 2024 is yet another special year when we reflect on the milestones achieved in the decade 2014 – 2024 which marks 10 years since the World Health Assembly (WHO’s Governing Body) passed the only stand-alone resolution on palliative care, calling for all countries to “strengthen palliative care as a component of comprehensive care throughout the life course.”

The second Friday in October, which this year falls on Friday 11th October 2024, is a day for raising international awareness of the need for children’s palliative care and the work of Children’s Palliative Care (CPC) services worldwide. This year we ask you, “What hat will you wear to close the gap?” We wear different hats everyday as we work to care and improve the lives of children living with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. Some are care givers, paeditricians, nurses, oncologists, parents, teachers, donors, advocates and the list is endless. Whichever hat you choose to wear or has been handed to you through life’s circumstances, make your voice heard by joining us this year for #HatsOn4CPC.

#HatsOn4CPC Toolkit

We are working on developing the Hats On 4 CPC 2024 toolkit. When it is ready, it will be made available for download on our website. Keep checking our digital platforms and sign up for the newsletter to be up to date with information regarding #HatsOn4CPC and so much more. Please save the date and start planning for the day.

10 years on from the WHA resolution on Children’s Palliative Care (CPC). What hat will you wear to close the gap? Whether you are holding an event, or however you choose to participate as a group or individual, don’t forget to put on your hat and take a picture, put it on social media (#HatsOn4CPC) and please send the pictures to us at communications@icpcn.org

Our toolkit will help you plan your events, along with social media and other campaigns.

When the toolkit is launched, the updated resources will be downloaded by clicking their titles below. Please note that the current resources on the website were meant for last year (DO NOT DOWNLOAD!). Thank you.

Register and map your event for #HatsOn4CPC

It is great when we come together and speak with one voice. Our strength is in our unity and we can show our solidarity by displaying our events on the global map.

We would love to know where in the world Hats On for CPC campaign will be celebrated. If you are going to join in the fun on Friday 11th October 2024 by getting your school, college or company involved or if you are going to be holding an event to raise funds for your charity, please let us know by registering the event below and we will put you on the map! Thank you.

#HatsOn4CPC Events 2024

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