21.1 million children are living around the world with serious health conditions that mean they are unlikely to reach adulthood. 

We are trying to ensure that these children and their families have access to palliative care services, in order to improve their quality of life.




Your company support can make a difference

We are developing mutually beneficial partnerships that support our projects nationally, regionally and internationally, in order to ensure that the vital care provided by children’s palliative care services is accessible to all in need, while also meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. Partnerships may include the following:

  • Commercial partnerships – collaborating on engaging campaigns which raise awareness and make a real difference to people’s lives.
  • Strategic partnerships – utilising your expertise and strategic objectives to unlock shared value and impact
  • Engagement partnerships motivating your staff behind our compelling and emotive cause with a bespoke calendar of fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

“Wild in Art” support ICPCN

Wild in Art is an organisation that organises public art events that entertain, enrich, inform and leave a lasting legacy. Since 2008 they have animated cities around the world creating public art events. Connecting business, artists and communities through the power of creativity, their events have enabled more than £19.5 million to be raised for charitable causes through auctions alone and helped millions of people to experience art in non-traditional settings. Wild in Art have supported the development of the new website and branding for ICPCN.

“Wild in Art (www.wildinart.co.uk) is delighted to support the ICPCN. Their work is so important in supporting families and communities at the hardest of times and we are honoured to be able to help.”

~ Charlie Langhorne MD and co-Founder


We will work with you to develop a partnership that meets your CSR goals, raises vital funds and brings employees together to have fun!

We would love to talk to you about working together.

Please contact us on info@icpcn.org to discuss further.

Charlie Langhorne Wild In Art