About our new logo

“We are so excited to be launching our new logo and branding– I am so grateful to all those who have been part of this process and thank the ICPCN staff for their ongoing support and the hours that they have put into this work.”

(Prof Julia Downing, Chief Executive ICPCN)

After many months of hard work, the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) is delighted to have launched our new logo and branding.  You will notice that there is a change in the new logo and brand colours.  Over the years many different images have been used in children’s palliative care, many of which we have used at different times within ICPCN including the butterfly, dragonfly, and rainbow, amongst others. When thinking about a fresh new look for ICPCN we wanted something new but also didn’t want to go too far from the logo that we have been using since our inception, hence keeping similar fonts, the green colours and ‘circles’ – the logo that you are all so familiar with. Thus, you will see that our new logo has kept the greens but added in an orange, which we have included within our website, alongside a few other complementary colours.

Within the logo we have used the image of the sun – thus symbolising hope with the bright orange rising sun which rises and sets every day so also symbolising the circle of life. Each morning the sunrise gives people hope for the new day and the sun unites us, brings us together and symbolises equity as we all see the same sun regardless of where we live. It is also universal in nature, reaching across cultural, religious and spiritual belief systems. The sun in our logo could be rising or it could be setting – and within our work we acknowledge that the sun sets for some of the children that we care for – that is part of palliative care. Whilst you only see part of the sun in the logo we feel that the sun as a whole and complete image could also be seen as symbolising the world and also relates well to the concept of children’s palliative care as holistic, embracing all aspects of the child and family’s care.

We have also added a strapline – core to our work as ICPCN is increasing and improving access to palliative care for children around the world, regardless of where they live, their age, race, gender, religion or their life-limiting or life-threatening condition. Hence our new strapline “Improving palliative care for the world’s children” – together we can achieve this as we work together to develop and strengthen the provision of palliative care for children and their families around the world.

We have several versions of our logo which you will see on different occasions – we have the main logo with our name and strap line, however we also have a version without the text which may be used on occasion. Alongside this we have our e-learning logo and a new logo for #HatsOn4CPC where we are utilizing a range of hats across variations of the theme.

We hope that you like our new look as much as we do!