Salzburg OMI Seminar in Paediatric Palliative Care

The Salzburg OMI Seminar in Paediatric Palliative Care is being run at the Schloss Arenberg in Salzburg. Since 1993, the Open Medical Institute (OMI) has awarded more than 27,000 fellowships to physicians and healthcare professionals from 130 different countries. The OMI seminars are one-week courses in all areas of medicine held at the Schloss Arenberg in Salzburg, Austria throughout the calendar year. The seminars are a mix of state-of-the-art lectures, case presentations and workshops and are offered to highly qualified English-speaking physicians from countries in transition and are by invitation only.

The Paediatric Palliative Care Seminar is being held from the 26th November to the 2nd December 2023 and is based on the EPEC Paediatrics programme. 31 fellows from 22 countries are attending the course with a wide range of experience in palliative care or paediatrics. The Faculty for the programme are from the USA as well as Europe and the course is being led by Dr Stefan Friedrichsdorf from the University of California, and he has been joined by Prof Justin Baker, Stanford University, Prof Julia Downing, ICPCN, Dr Joe El-Khoury, Centre Hospitaliser Public d’Hauteville France, Dr Diana Macintosh, Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow, Stacy Remeke, University of Minnesota and Dr Liz Seashore, University of California.

Following the Welcome reception and dinner on the Sunday evening, the course commenced early Monday morning, with taught interactive sessions being held together in the mornings, with smaller group workshops and case presentations in the afternoon. The course is due to finish with a graduation dinner on the Friday evening. A longer report of the training will be uploaded later here as well as on the International Children’s edition of ehospice.