Launch of The Sunflower – Paediatric Palliative Care Podcasts

The Sunflower explores global pediatric palliative care. Hosts Megan Doherty (Two Words Cancer and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), Natasha Datoo (Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Vancouver) and Spandana Rayala (Bay Abdullah Children’s Hospice Kuwait) explore new issues and engage on questions about caring for children with serious illnesses and their families, through a global lens. The series brings curiosity, humor, and reflection to the world of palliative care. Offering discussions on the joys and challenges of palliative care, including topics related to education, advocacy, self-care and leadership from around the world.

The podcast is aimed at all health care providers around the world who are interested in exploring care for seriously ill children and palliative care for children.

The first two podcasts are:

  1. Finding Beauty and Joy in Children’s Palliative Care – In this first episode Dr Megan Doherty chats with Dr Natasha Datoo from Canuck Place Children’s Hospice about her work as a paediatric palliative care physician.
  2. Breath in and out, bring respirology and palliative care together – In this episode, Megan chats with Dr Erin Kwolek a paediatric respirologist and palliative care physician, exploring the intersection of palliative care and respiratory medicine.

You can access these and future podcasts here or on Spotify

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We will also update our resource section on the website as more podcasts become available.