ICPCN Welcomes Lizzie

We are delighted to have Lizzie Chambers working with us at ICPCN for a couple of days a week. Many of you will know Lizzie who has been working in children’s palliative care for many years. She was the Chief Executive of the Association for Children’s Palliative Care (ACT) in the UK between 2001 and 2011 when ACT joined up with Children’s Hospice UK to become Together for Short Lives. She worked with Together for Short Lives as the Development Director from 2011 until earlier this year. Lizzie is also no stranger to ICPCN having been on the steering committee and the inaugural board where she was one of the co-Chairs of the Board.

Lizzie has a wealth of knowledge in children’s palliative care and has developed and worked on many of Together for Short lives documents, guidelines and pathways, including the Guide to Children’s Palliative Care. She will be working with ICPCN on several programmes enabling us to move forward in several key areas, including work with the WHO, Internationalisation of the Guide, and updating our maps of development of children’s palliative care around the world.

We are so excited to have Lizzie working with us and I know that she will be in contact with many of our members in the coming weeks.