Can You Help Us?

We are looking for stories:

  • stories of children and their families who have received palliative care and the difference that it has made
  • stories of how the work of ICPCN has impacted you and your work
  • stories about how you have taken part in #HatsOn4CPC and raised awareness about children’s palliative care

Do you have any stories that you can share with us? Do you have any photos and video clips showing children’s palliative care in action?

Stories are a powerful way of sharing the importance and impact of CPC and advocating for services. An important part of the work of ICPCN is to share your stories to show the impact of children’s palliative care and the work that we do, around the world.

How will we use your stories? We may do this in a variety of ways:

  • We are putting together our impact report and would like to share some stories within this.
  • We will share them on our website and on the international children’s edition of ehospice.
  • We want to put together a publication next year to celebrate 20 years of ICPCN.

We would not share anything without your consent, but we would like to hear from you. Stories don’t need to be long, just a few paragraphs, and we would be happy to have a call and interview you if that is easier.

Please send us your stories about CPC and the impact of the work of ICPCN  – to include them in our impact report we need them by the 27th March 2024.

We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions please do contact our Communications Manager at who will be collating the stories.

As an international organisation we are keen to get stories from around the world so please do help us with this. It also provides a platform for you to showcase your work.

Thank you.