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African quarters, Plot 18 Kasigwa Road P.O Box 97
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SCF) is a community based and indigenous NGO, legally registered by the National NGO Board of Uganda with registration Number s.5914/11335 .The organization was founded in 2014 by a group of youth on realization on the need for care and support for the Orphans, youth young mothers, People with disabilities and Vulnerable children.

Shines children’s Foundation evasion in seeing a poverty free society where all children and youth have equal access of Opportunities for Sustainable development.

The Mission is to achieve Transformation through self help initiatives and relief giving to all needy Children and the youth.

Since 2014 at its inception, the organization has been a positive force for behavioural change by directly influencing and involving the young people (0-5), (14-24 years) in educational and other developmental efforts in order to improve the sexual-reproductive health and effect behavioural change. The organization has gained vast experience in working directly with young people on, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, educational and behavioural changes concerning HIV/AIDS, STDs, and adolescent Sexual reproductive health in general, Human Rights, Life skills, Peer Education and youth and women empowerment.

Type of service offered
Advocacy, Campaigning/lobbying, Clinical/medical services, Community palliative care services, Counselling/bereavement, Education, Family support, Help/Information/advice, Public awareness, Training