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Haatsmaut 1
Even yehuda
Brief description of organisation

Sabar Health Ltd. was established in 2005. The company serves as the largest home hospital service in Israel and is considered the largest physician-based home hospital in the world, caring for about 1000 patients at any point in time and about 6000 patients yearly. Sabar is continuously growing as there are no expansion boundaries and an endless need. Sabar Health’s care is offered nation-wide, to patients of all sectors, ethnic groups, religion and age groups. The unique model allows for patients and families to receive the services free of charge as costs are fully covered by the four national health funds. Dr. Sabar, the founder and chief medical officer is regarded as a national and international opinion leader in areas of palliative care, hospice services and home hospitalization in general.

Type of service offered
Advocacy, Campaigning/lobbying, Clinical/medical services, Community palliative care services, Counselling/bereavement, Education, Family support, Help/Information/advice, Public awareness, Research, Respite or hospice services, Therapy (eg speech and language therapy, physiotherapy), Training