Nominated contact first name
Mesay Tadese
Nominated contact surname
Mesay Tadese Abebe
Ethiopia, South , Hawassa
Brief description of organisation

Resilience Ethiopia (RE), Institute for Healthy lives, Livelihood Systems and Ecology in Ethiopia, has been registered and licensed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Charities and Societies Agency as an Ethiopian Resident Charity in accordance with Proclamation No.621/2009 with registration number 2895 to operate at national level.

Organizational focus areas are the following 1. Education & solar energies (Integrated Transformational Functional Adult Literacy, Inclusive Education, Pastoralist Education, Access Education, Educational Fostering, Mobile Education and Assertive Tutorial Classes) 2.Health ( Reproductive Health & Ethics, Family Planning, Malaria, Tropical Disease Control/Tsetse Fly Control, Non-Communicable Disease, HIV and AIDS, Environmental Sanitation & Personal Hygiene, Latrine Dev’t, Water Borne Disease, Maternal and Child Health Care, and Harmful Traditional Practices,) 3. Ecology (Bio-Ethics, Eco-Employment , Carbon Trading ,Responsible Mining, Conservation Agriculture ,urbanization, Watershed Dev’t , Field Gene Bank Dev’t, Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation ,Environmental Protection & Rehabilitation, Buffer Zone , Homestead Dev’t , Organic Farming and School Greening) 4. Alternative, Sustainable & Clean Energy Development (Biogas Development, Solar Energy Development, Metrological Centre Dev’t, Bio-Latrine Dev’t, and Dry & Wet Waste Management and Recycling) 5. Water (Spring Dev’t, Water Point Dev’t, Public Shower Dev’t, and Remote School Roof Water Harvesting) 6. Livelihood (Bee-Keeping, Intensive Farming, Poultry, Animal Raising, Rural Credit, Marketable Livelihood Skill Training, Improved Seed Multiplication, Fair Trade, and Post Harvest Lost Mgt) 7.Family Therapy (Child Dev’t, Positive Parenting, Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children Direct Support, Day Care, Family Counseling , Nutrition & Dietetics, Micronutrient, Elder’s Guardian’s Self Help Group Support and ART Adherence) and Senior Citizen Support.

Type of service offered
Community palliative care services, Counselling/bereavement, Education, Family support, Grant making, Help/Information/advice, Public awareness, Research, Therapy (eg speech and language therapy, Training