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2 impasse des Peyrous 31700 Blagnac
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We are a non-profit charity that cares and support families with children with brain and spinal tumours, severe neurological problems and those in palliative care during the hospitalisation.
Our volunteers work in the Neurosurgery, Neurology, Oncology and ICU Units and are part of the PACT of the Children’s Hospital.

We created the first Parent Advocate Program in France in the Children’s Hospital of Toulouse and, with the help of healthcare staff, a new kind of volunteer that is perfectly integrated in the medical teams and shares with them all information necessary to care for the family in the best possible way.

This exceptional and innovative new role is being recognized as essential by the medical community in support not only to the families but also to the healthcare staff as it brings them understanding of the emotional stress and needs the families have to face during these painful experiences.

Our primary task is to offer on-going daily guidance and emotional support for the families during their hospital stay and all through their child illness, help them understand complex medical information and give financial assistance when necessary.

Our volunteer assists the parents through the diagnostic and therapeutic process, while maintaining an honest and open communication about the child's disease and the status of treatment. Our presence helps them understand and cope with the crisis they face.
We also help parents deal effectively with the family disruption and turmoil that can result in marital, sibling and peer conflicts.

Oscar’s Angels France volunteers can help the family obtain the assistance they need from various members of the psychosocial and paediatric team.

Oscar’s Angels France is also recognised in the hospital community for its unique work as a family support charity in the “Paediatric End-of-Life Care”.

Oscar’s Angels France is supported by grants and donations and is provided at no cost to the family.

Type of service offered
Advocacy, Clinical/medical services, Counselling/bereavement, Education, Family support, Help/Information/advice, Public awareness, Training