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Masenate Masupha, Ha-Ntjabane, Teyateyaneng, Berea 200, Lesotho
+27 737791651/ +2727 834298928
Brief description of organisation

NBLMI is an NGO based in Teyateyaneng Berea, Lesotho. It is the result of a need for better palliative care services on an individual, community, and country level. NBLMI was founded in February 24th of 2017 by a board of doctors whose aim was to offer free palliative care in rural areas of Lesotho in which palliative care coverage is extremely limited.

Our approach aims to provide holistic, family-centered support for these communities, as well as the palliative care given to our patients. For the patients themselves, we try to improve their quality of life, guaranteeing medical support, insuring social inclusion creating a strong network around them capable of providing essentials, as well as psychological and spiritual support, all of which should be available to them straight from the diagnosis of a terminal disease.

Type of service offered
Advocacy, Clinical/medical services, Community palliative care services, Counselling/bereavement, Family support, Help/Information/advice, Training, Other