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RA, Yerevan,-0025, Korjun str.#2,
Yerevan State Medical University,
Family Medicine Department
+37410) 27-34-21
Brief description of organisation

The Armenian "Family Medicine Academic Society”  is a Non-Governmental (nonprofit) organization / NGO registered in 2006.

The goals and objectives of the organization's activities are: Support the establishment and development of RA Family Medicine system in Armenia; Assist in protection and improvement of RA population health; Consolidate the professional performance and efforts of Family Physicians and Family Nurses; Benefit to the protection of rights and legal interests of Family Physicians and Family Nurses;   Assist in the development of public policy and legal framework related to Family Medicine;  Benefit to more comprehensive, accessible, higher quality, continuous and general approach of healthcare services (particularly in the field of primary healthcare) provided to RA population;  Retrain the physicians working in PHC sector into family physicians through improving educational programs, continuously increasing the professional qualification of physicians;   Increase the awareness of population – beneficiaries and interested parties, the level of knowledge regarding the issues related to healthcare through advocating, active participation of community, implementation of “patient education” projects and information dissemination;  Implement projects aimed at the promotion of healthy lifestyles, fighting against bad habits, improving of working and living atmospheres and quality of life.

Type of service offered
Clinical/medical services, Counselling/bereavement, Education, Family support, Grant making, Help/Information/advice, Public awareness, Research, Therapy (eg speech and language therapy