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#Hatson4CPC takes place on Friday 2 October and aims to raise funds and awareness of children's palliative care.

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Our 2nd International Conference takes place in May 2016 in the exciting city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The sky's the limit in our ICPCN blog which features writers from around the world who have important things to say about children's palliative care.

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Social support for cancer patients – Shaden’s Story

In Amman, Jordan we meet Shaden who started chemotherapy with she was 8 years old and diagnosed with Leukemia.

“It was a hard period. The first years we were going to the hospital every day, as for Shaden the hardest thing was the hair falling out,” says Shaden’s father Suhail Abu Shbayek.

The psychological well being of palliative care patients is paramount to those working in the field. But it is not an easy road, especially when there are over 4500 new cancer patients each year in Jordan.

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Special World Day offer to watch streaming version of Little Stars film

Join a worldwide movement on World Hospice & Palliative Care Day by purchasing a special, limited offer streaming version of Little Stars. In a special limited offer for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, you are able to pay to watch a streaming version of the full length Little Stars movie for just $9.95 (AUS) About […]

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The iPDF – International Paediatric Palliative Care Discussion Forum now online

The Paediatric Palliative Care special interest group of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network has launched its first paediatric palliative care initiative in the form of an online moderated forum to provide networking and support. It will be particularly helpful for people who may be working in isolation. The Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care […]