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Lucy receives her MBE from HRH Prince Charles.  Photo courtesy British Ceremonial Arts Ltd.

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2nd ICPCN Conference
2nd ICPCN Conference logo

Our 2nd International Conference took place in May 2016 in the exciting city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 2nd ICPCN Conference

Our 2nd ICPCN Conference was an enormous success. Catch a glimpse of the wonderful time had by all in Buenos Aires from 18 – 21 May 2016.

A short glimpse of what it was like in Buenos Aires from 18 – 21 May 2016 for all those who were at the conference and all those who were not able to make it. Wonderful people, beautiful city, inspiring presentations….. take a look!

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Advance directive

Management of children’s pain in the west described as “abysmal”

An article published in the New York Times on Monday 27 June 2016 examines the poor record of the medical profession at treating children’s pain. It describes the story of Taylor Aschenbrenner who suffered from poorly managed pain for over three years after a tumble at school when she was 8 years old. The young […]


Opening of new building for the Belarusian Children’s Hospice

On 16 June the new building of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice (BCH) opened its doors in Baraulyany, just 15 minutes outside of Minsk. First of a kind in the country, it has been helping terminally ill children and their families since 1994. How it all began The Belarusian Children’s Hospice was founded in Minsk by […]

Lucy receives her MBE from HRH Prince Charles.  Photo courtesy British Ceremonial Arts Ltd.

ICPCN Global Youth Ambassador awarded MBE by HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace

In 2015 ICPCN appointed Lucy Watts as their first Global Youth Ambassador and we are now extremely proud to announce that she has been awarded an MBE from HRH Prince Charles in recognition of her tireless charity work. Lucy Watts is a young 22-year-old who works tirelessly to raise awareness of a number of important issues and conditions related […]

Lenas Journey

Lena’s Journey

An intimate glimpse of the Heitzmann family and how they have coped since their daughter Lena was diagnosed with a malignant cerebral tumour. “Until about two years ago everything had been just normal with us, with all the little hiccups you have in family life. School grades, finances and everything that belongs to a normal […]